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Judy M. Hickman-Davis, DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACLAM
Clinical Veterinarian, University Laboratory Animal Resources
Professor - Clinical, Veterinary Preventive Medicine

Department of Veterinary Preventive Medicine

University Laboratory Animal Resources
The Ohio State University
111 Wiseman Hall
400 W 12 Avenue
Columbus, Ohio 43210

(614) 688-4880
(614) 292-9282

Professional Training and Experience

  • PhD, Cellular and Molecular Pathology, University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Residency, Laboratory Animal Medicine, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Department of Comparative Medicine
  • DVM, University of Georgia
  • BS, Biology, Emory University

Research Interests

  • Pulmonary immunology, physiology, and microbiology with emphasis on the role of innate immunity in pneumonia
  • Role of reactive oxygen-nitrogen species, surfactant proteins and alveolar macrophages in the development and resolution of lung pathology
  • Basic macrophage biology
  • Development of animal models of pneumonia
  • Genetics of resistance and susceptibility to respiratory infections
  • Transgenic mouse technology