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4 Legs 4 Hounds: Connecting greyhounds to foster homes, affordable care

GreyhoundThe Ohio
State University Veterinary Medical Center lends a helping hand to greyhounds around
the nation through its 4 Legs 4 Hounds
Greyhound Program
, which links retired greyhounds to foster homes, low-cost
medical care, free chemotherapy and more.

with racing-related injuries are often referred to Ohio State’s
Veterinary Medical Center to undergo orthopedic surgeries that would be
unaffordable for many without the support of 4L4H. An affiliated student-run club,
Buckeyes 4 Greyhounds, transports these greyhounds to the Veterinary Medical
Center by collaborating with two racetracks in West Virginia. The students also
help to provide foster care for the dogs. To further this effort, 4L4H works closely with Central Ohio
Greyhound Rescue
, a non-profit organization with a single focus: connecting
greyhounds to foster or permanent homes.  

Greyhounds4L4H emerged in
2011 from a former greyhound program at the Veterinary Medical Center that had
similar benefits, said Managing Director of the Animal Blood Bank Dr. Cristina
Iazbik. All greyhounds that come through the program are enrolled in a
blood-donor program. The financial assistance and foster-home network that the
program provides recognizes the population of non-racing greyhounds who are
neglected (and often euthanized) once they can no longer be on the track.

For more
information, check out this informative video on the 4L4H program and greyhound
health in general, “Greyhounds:
When they can’t race anymore
,” produced by journalism student Ronna
Colilla. The piece elaborates further on why and how the Veterinary Medical
Center’s greyhound services exist.

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Dec. 19, 2014


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