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Join the Alumni Scholarship Challenge

We’re challenging you to increase the percentage of alumni supporting your class gift scholarship!

The class with the highest overall percentage of participation will be announced at the 2021 Homecoming Celebration Weekend. There will be prizes, stay tuned for an announcement next year!

Support your class gift scholarship

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While the competition officially kicked off January 1, 2021, any gift after October 6, 2020, will count. 

Don’t see your class? 

You can always give to support students in need through the College of Veterinary Medicine Sesquicentennial Scholarship, which supports students pursuing their DVM Does your class have what it takes to win the Alumni Scholarship Challenge?degree. Give here

Think your class has what it takes to win the competition but don’t see it in the group? Contact us and one of our Development Officers will be happy to discuss a class fund with you. A new class can join anytime between now and January 1. Contact the College of Veterinary Medicine Advancement Office at 614-688-8433 or email us here

Help propel our students into a successful career. 

Our class gift scholarships represent the best of our alumni. When a student receives one of these scholarships, not only is it impacting the student today, it’s setting an example of how to become an engaged alumni. 

Tuition has increased over the years to address a decrease in state funding. The average debt load for a veterinary student is now more than $200,000. Every scholarship, no matter the amount, makes a difference in the lives of our students. Scholarships from alumni show our students that they are part of a bigger community eager to see them thrive.

Recurring gifts are an easy and meaningful way to contribute to the scholarship challenge. 

"OSU CVM changed our lives for the better professionally and personally. We have always wanted to be able to pay it forward to our school and profession, and found that setting it up as a budget line item, with monthly automatic withdrawal, is the easiest way to ensure it gets done routinely." 

— Brian Cron, DVM ’92 and Diana Dornbusch Cron, DVM ’93

You can support your class scholarship all year with a recurring gift. Contact Sarah Runyan at 614-247-8051 or to set up a recurring gift.


Update as of September 2021

  • The Class of 1985 has a commanding lead, with 37.6% of their class having made a gift during the competition.
  • The battle is for second place, between four different classes: 1976, 1977, 1982, and 1986. Currently, the Class of 1986 is in second place with 19.2% participation but the Class of 1976 is right behind them with 18.2% giving. 
  • In all, over 219 alumni have made a gift in support of their class fund since the challenge launched in October, with 86 people making their first gift ever in support of their class fund. 
  • In addition, three classes launched a new scholarship during the challenge (1979, 1986, and 1989), meaning soon, three more students will be receiving scholarship support from alumni classes. 


Class participation as of September 2021


Previous updates from January 2021:

  • Over 101 alumni have made a gift to their class fund since the competition launched. 
    • Nine alumni have made recurring gifts to their class fund. 
  • The Class of 1985 is leading the competition with 17 gifts, followed by the Class of 1985 with 16 gifts. 
  • Some classes have hosted virtual tailgating events to connect with classmates and discuss the competition.
  • One alumni offered to match gifts made to his class scholarship.