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Why Study Veterinary Medicine at Ohio State?

Why Ohio State?

  • Consistently ranks among the top five veterinary schools in the nation
  • Dedicated, highly skilled and experienced faculty, including leading-edge educators, scientists and clinical specialists
  • Internationally known surgeons, clinicians, educators and researchers
  • Curriculum flexibility allows students to pursue their clinical interests through elective courses; Fourth-year students have the opportunity to select a "Career Area of Emphasis" (CAE) for their senior rotations
  • Accredited veterinary public health master's degree program (MPH) - concurrent with DVM option
  • Top-ranked graduate program in Comparative and Veterinary Medicine
  • Ohio State now offers the only business minor in the country designed for graduate students majoring in the health professions

The Veterinary Medical Center (VMC)

  • Largest veterinary medical center in Ohio and surrounding area; three separate hospitals - Hospital for Companion Animals, Hospital for Farm Animals and Galbreath Equine Center
  • Full range of specialty services, including veterinary behavior, internal medicine, dermatology, neurology, cardiology, ophthalmology, oncology, surgery, and theriogenology
  • Food animal opportunities including a large ambulatory field service practice serving 18 counties
  • Partnership with the Capital Area Humane Society where all students participate in a fourth-year clinical rotation in shelter medicine and surgery
  • The Galbreath Equine Center offers an equine treadmill and sports medicine expertise, as well as a robust equine field service practice
  • More than 30,000 animal patients per year and an animal blood bank that provides blood products to veterinary hospitals across the country

Clinical Skills Center Opens this August

A state-of-the-art Clinical and Professional Skills Center is slated to open at The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine in August 2018.

The first-ever veterinary educational lab of it's kind at Ohio State, the clinical skills lab is designed to offer first and second year students an opportunity to start developing clinical and professional skills early in their program with interactive experiences that emphasize active learning.