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Ohio Sustainable Dairy Program (Small Producers)

Holsteins grazing in field. 

The Ohio Sustainable Dairy Program (OSDP) was developed as an on-farm educational program to assist and train various core groups of small dairy producers and their veterinarian to identify, implement, and accomplish sustainable business goals through an on-farm collaborative learning process. Demonstration is also a very important component of this learning process. The various core groups are made up of small dairy producers (< 100 cows; conventional and organic) and their respective veterinary practitioner and/or practice.  Each of the core groups attend six single-day hands-on intensive workshops (or modules) held on host farms or other pre-selected locations (modules are typically held bimonthly).  For more information, please click here.

List of Modules and Topics

  • Module 1: Milk Quality & Mastitis Control Program
  • Module 2: Dairy Cattle Reproduction
  • Module 3: Dairy Cattle Nutrition
  • Module 4: Dairy Farm Economics & Decision Making
  • Module 5: Dairy Herd Health & Preventive Medicine
  • Module 6: Manure Nutrient Management

Program originated from the Ohio Dairy Producers Association and OSU Extension Innovative Program Funding.