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Welcome to eLeave!

eLeave provides a university-wide solution for the collection of leave taken. This will replace the current practice of using paper leave forms and the need for the unit’s HR staff to data enter the leave data into a separate system. It provides instant access to requests, historical request data, approvals, and payroll certifications. 

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Resources for Employees and Supervisors 


Employees Tip: 

You can submit up to 6 months worth of requests for approval. If you have requests over 6 months, you can still obtain verbal approval for them ,but you must wait until you reach the 6 month mark in order to enter them into eLeave. 



Supervisors Tip: 

 Remember to certify your monthly staff’s payroll no later than the designated deadlines. This will ensure corrections are made in a timely manner and prevent overpayments. 

Important Information for Clinical Faculty:

Clinical faculty on service are required to indicate in the comments section the primary contact while they are absent. In addition, the Send Notification button should be used to send a copy of the request to the primary contact. For additional assistance, see your HR Professional