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Wildlife Disease Laboratories Zoological Society of San Diego


Intensive immersion in a busy exotic animal anatomic pathology service. Emphasis on gross necropsy, gross description and integration of pathology into animal management programs.


Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available

4 ACVP certified veterinary pathologists:

  • Dr. Bruce Rideart
  • Dr. Rebecca Papenride
  • Dr. Ilse Stalis
  • Dr. Allan Pessier

Educational Resources

  • on-site medical library
  • daily case rounds
  • weekly histopathology rounds


  1. Gross necropsy
  2. Formulation of morphologic diagnoses
  3. Presentation and discussion of assigned cases at daily rounds
  4. Attend Morbidity and Mortality meetings with clinical veterinary staff

Student Supervision

At least 8 hours/day; 6 days/week.



Practice Information

Wildlife Disease Laboratories

Zoological Society of San Diego

P.O. Box 120551

San Diego, CA

Ph: 619-231-1515 ext. 4510


Updated: 4/2/09

Signature On File: Allan R. Pessier, DVM, Diplomate ACVP

San Diego CA
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