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VETPREV 5721: How Animals Can Make You Sick: An Introduction to Zoonoses

Course Description

This undergraduate/graduate course is focused on providing an overview of the basic characteristics of common and emerging diseases that are shared between humans and animals; these diseases are defined as zoonotic. There will be particular emphasis on those zoonoses that are commonly found in the United States and/or play an important role in public health and animal production.

The importance of safeguarding public and animal health from such diseases will be highlighted throughout the course. This course is divided into 5 modules. The aim of the first module is to develop an understanding of important concepts in animal infectious diseases, definitions and categories of zoonoses, and important regulatory agencies involved with zoonotic diseases. The second through fifth modules will discuss more in detail vector-borne diseases and zoonoses circulating in farm animals, companion animals, and wildlife.

For each individual disease discussed in modules two through five, students will learn: the disease agent (who is making you sick), the general characteristics of the clinical manifestation in humans and animals (how the disease looks on you and/or your animals), primary disease transmission pathways (how it gets to you), and commonly performed diagnostic testing methods in both humans and animals (how do you know you have it). Students will also learn general preventive and control measures related to each disease (especially how you can prevent your exposure to them).

This course will be delivered in a hybrid-format in which all the lectures are pre-recorded so you can listen on your own time. Each week we will have a real-time meeting to discuss the material and any questions may you have with experts in the field.  

Even though the primary target is undergraduate students, this course is also designed having in mind graduates and professional students from non-DVM related programs. Students from all majors and degrees across central and regional campuses are welcome to enrolled.


Course Enrollment Information

Course Number: VETPREV 5721
Class Number: Undergraduate: 5967 | Graduate: 5643 
Credit Hours: 2
Semester Offered: Spring
Prerequisites: ANISCI 3170, 3270, or MICROBIO 4000 or equivalent course or by permission of instructor
Instructor: Armando Hoet.1