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DVM/MPH Combined Degree

The DVM/MPH Combined Degree*, a partnership between the College of Public Health and College of Veterinary Medicine, allows veterinary students to formalize their public health training by obtaining a Master of Public Health degree with a specialization in Veterinary Public Health (MPH-VPH). Students pursuing the Combined Degree typically take one additional year post-DVM (4+1) to complete all program requirements.

*Students who wish to pursue the DVM/MPH Combined Degree must apply to and be admitted separately to each program.

DVM/MPH Combined Degree Overview

Current DVM students are eligible to apply to the MPH-VPH program in the first year of the DVM program. Once admitted to the MPH-VPH program, students can begin fulfilling course, practicum, and culminating project requirements simultaneously to the DVM program. In the one additional year post-DVM ("+1"), students complete any remaining courses and their culminating project.  


Students in the Combined Degree complete the same requirements as the standard MPH-VPH program, as described below:


12 Credit Hours of Public Health Courses


18 Credit Hours of VPH Specialization Courses


10 Credit Hours of Electives*


Applied Practice Experience


Integrative Learning Experience

* Combined Degree students may take up to 12 credit hours of pre-approved DVM electives to be counted as core or elective courses towards the MPH-VPH Degree.


Students must be currently enrolled in the OSU DVM program and must be in good academic standing to qualify for the Combined Degree. In addition to the admission requirements for the VPH program listed here, applicants must also have a letter of recommendation from a Veterinary Preventive Medicine faculty member outlining their prospective culminating project.


For questions or inquiries, please contact Dr. Amanda Berrian at