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International Projects

University of Gondar - Ohio State University OIE Twinning Program

To help support a fairer distribution of resources to veterinary schools in developed and developing countries, while promoting the “One Health” philosophy, the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) created the Veterinary Education Twinning Program. This program helps veterinary schools to implement a series of recommended competencies that graduating veterinarians must fulfill by their graduation. The goal of the OIE Day-1 Competencies is to ensure that young veterinary professionals can support their Country’s National Veterinary Services. In addition, the OIE developed a Model Core Veterinary Curriculum that provides guidelines on how to build a strong veterinary curriculum.

In June 2015, OIE supported the establishment of the University of Gondar (UoG) and The Ohio State University Twinning Program. Since then, the UoG-OSU Educational Twinning Program has allowed the systematic revision and enhancement of the University of Gondar College of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences core veterinary curriculum.

Curriculum Mapping

Action Plan 2nd Annual Report

3rd Annual Report