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Veterinary Associates, Inc.

animal (25% beef, sheep, goat, pig & 25% equine-race track,
pleasure, performance) and 50% small animal ( medicine-in house blood
work, digital rads, ultrasound, surgery-mostly soft tissue with some
orthopedics). Integrative medicine - acupuncture, herbal.
and assist with exams, surgery and farm calls (vaccines, field surgery,
colics, sick animal and herd work ups). Level of participation depends
upon external experience, competency and confidence handling the
aforementioned cases.
Drs. Jon and Brett Ellis certified in veterinary acupuncture from IVAS (1982 and 2005 respectively)
JAVMA, Multiple texts, Clinicians Brief, ViN
  • Show
    up on time in casual, professional attire.
  • Be prepared to assist in all
    aspects of our diverse practice, ask well thought out questions when
    appropriate, work with all 5 veterinarians to gain insight to each of
    our prospectives on clinical veterinary practice- its benefits,
    shortfalls, and areas that need improvement.
  • Assist and or perform
    surgeries when appropriate and time permits.
8-10 hours per day with emergency work if desired
No separate housing, but possibility of staying with an associate
Veterinary Associates, Inc.
1920 US 68 N

Xenia, OH 45385
Brett F. Ellis, DVM
Updated: 02/09/12
Xenia, OH
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