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student will be working at USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection
Service headquarters for Veterinary Services. The office is in the
Washington DC metro area. The experience will be regulatory veterinary
medicine with an emphasis on aquaculture and aquatic animal medicine.
student will learn the basics of regulatory medicine from a USDA APHIS
VS perspective. This will involve learning the mission of Veterinary
Services to preserve the health of the nation's food animal supply and
working with industry and other aquaculture stakeholders to develop and
implement program standards. The student will shadow the Aqauculture
Program manager and take part in day-to-day operations This includes
participating in meetings, discussing program standard development, and
interacting with industry, natural resource agencies, and other APHIS VS
programs (e.g.One Health, National Veterinary Accreditation Program,
National Veterinary Services Labortories and Center for Epidemiology and
Animal Health ) and APHIS VS leadership. We may also schedule visits to
other nearby partner federal agencies such as FDA and NOAA.
student will have access to veterinary staff at USDA many of whom have
additional credentials including MPH, Ph.D. and board certifications.
student will have complete access to office libaray and the internet.
There are several free CE courses available online here at the office.
expect the student to conduct themselves with professionalism and
actively particpate in discussions when asked. We would like the
student to prepare a brief summary of their experience including what
they learned and suggestions to improve the experience.
Janet Whaley will supervise the student during the entire duration.
The student will have access to other staff if available and by
No, need to find own housing.
USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service - Veterinary Services
4700 River Road, Riverdale, Maryland 27037
(301) 851-3480
(301) 734-7964
Dr. Janet Whaley
Posted: 11/21/12
Riverdale, MD
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