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4th year veterinary student externship in zoological/wildlife pathology
The Zoological Pathology Program (ZPP) is a full-service diagnostic, teaching, and research pathology program, specializing in exotic and wildlife diseases. Based in Chicago, ZPP is a unique collaboration between the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine and the Chicago Zoological Society Brookfield Zoo, the Lincoln Park Zoological Gardens, and the John G. Shedd Aquarium with additional support from the Loyola University of Chicago Stritch School of Medicine.
The externship program is designed to provide students with exposure to all aspects of zoological pathology.
ZPP has four ACVP certified anatomic pathologists on staff, all of whom have specific expertise in non-domestic animal pathology.
Externs have access to an on-site library that includes texts related to pathology in general and to non-domestic animal medicine and pathology. Externs participate in weekly histopathology and gross seminars.
Externs will conduct gross necropsies and microscopic evaluation of diagnostic cases in conjunction with residents and staff pathologists. Background reading and research for diagnostic cases will be expected of the extern as will participation in weekly gross and histopathology seminars. Special projects arising from case materials may also be pursued. Whenever possible, participation in gross necropsies will be a priority. Teaching sets of classic non-domestic animal gross and histological lesions are available for study as are copies of important published papers and literature. The ZPP has a full library of textbooks and archives of case material that is also available for individual study if interest and time permit.
Students are supervised throughout the rotation by ZPP residents and faculty. Although some time is spent on independent study (study sets and independent project) all results of that study are reviewed with faculty. Total contact time with residents and faculty is typically approximately 30 hrs per week.
Low cost ($250-300 per week) options are available.
Zoological Pathology Program, University of Illinois
Zoological Pathology Program
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