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University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine Wildlife & Exotics Medicine & Surgery Rotation

of I Wildlife and Exotic Animal Medicine and Surgery Rotation (WEAMS):
Clinical Zoological Medicine including exotic pet medicine, wildlife
medicine, zoo medicine
purpose of this rotation is to provide opportunities for students to
observe or learn a variety of clinical and technical skills related to
the care and treatment of zoo, exotic and free-living wildlife.
Veterinary students completing this rotation will observe or perform
restraint, handling, and physical exam of a variety of zoological
species including but not limited to birds, reptiles, and small mammals.
Students will become familiar with biochemical parameters pertaining
to zoological species and will demonstrate a working knowledge of the
natural history and husbandry of many zoological species maintained in
captivity. Upon completion of this course, veterinary students will have
observed or performed sample collection, diagnostic testing, diagnosis
and basic care of zoological species under normal circumstances.
skilled, experienced faculty with zoo and avian board certifications.
Full service access to medical and surgical specialists.
Zoo Med service is an integral component of the clinical training at
the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine.
  • The WEAMS rotation offers VM3‐4 professional students a variety of experiences in zoological
    medicine, working with exotic pets, free‐living wildlife, and zoo animals.
  • Emphasis is placed on
    individual animal care. Students learn principles of natural history, husbandry, handling,
    restraint, nutrition, medicine, surgery, emerging and infectious disease, and zoonotic disease as
    they apply to zoological species.
  • Students work closely with the Zoological Medicine faculty,
    house officers, and staff to provide care for pet exotic patients of the UIVTH, free‐living wildlife
    presented to the Wildlife Medical Clinic, and zoological species maintained in the collections of
    local AZA accredited zoos.
  • Rotation activities include receiving of cases, performance of physical
    examinations and diagnostic tests, interpretation of clinical data, medical care of hospitalized
    patients, medical record‐keeping, and communication with pet owners, referring veterinarians,
    and in‐house colleagues.
  • Students on the WEAMS rotation have after‐hours duties to receive
    emergent patients through the UIVTH Emergency Service and are responsible for participating
    in the care of hospitalized patients of the Zoological Medicine service.
  • Students on this rotation
    are also responsible for preparing and delivering a topic presentation and for participating in
    daily case rounds discussions.
are under direct faculty or house officer supervision at all times
while on clinical service. The student:clinician ratio is approximately
6:2. Clinical services are in operation M-F from 7 AM-6 PM with some
variablity from day to day.
University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine
1008 W. Hazelwood Dr.

Urbana, IL 61802
Julia Whittington, DVM
Posted: 02/14/14
Urbana, IL
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