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Abattoir (slaughterhouse) internship
The student will be placed in the School of Veterinary Sciences abattoir, where s/he will be able to observe and partly participate in the operations. Depending on the preference of the student, s/he may be involved in any non-licensed activities taking place. S/he will also be present when the rotation students are in attendance and will have the opportunity to have one on one sessions with the supervisor on subjects such as (European) food safety legislation, HACCP, Risk Analysis etc. S/he will also be able to attend the post mortem sessions that are organised with the rotation students.
  • The staff of the abattoir
  • The lecturer Veterinary Public Health
  • The Senior Lecturer Veterinary Public Health
  • A library
  • Computers/WiFi
  • Rotations
  • PM room practicals
  • Animal welfare seminar
  • Active engagement
  • Completion of an assignment on differences in approaches to carcass decontamination between the EU and the US
Though working in the abattoir, the student will have access to the clinical supervisor 5 days a week. Except for hours teaching, the student can always approach the supervisor for questions.
Langford Abattoir
Langford House,
Lower Langford
BS40 5DU
United Kingdom
ed [dot] vanklink [at] bristol [dot] ac [dot] uk
Dr. Ed G.M. van Klink DVM, PhD, Dipl. ECVPH
Posted: 02/11/14