Uganda Large Predator Program, Makrere University

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Conservation & Wildlife Medicine (East African Large Predator & Prey Animal Health Monitoring & Interventions; Rescue; Restoration; Livestock-Wildlife-Interface Disease Monitoring; One Health [Echinococcus-Research]); Field-Lab Diagnostics; Community Conservation & Education; Human - Wildlife Conflict-Mitigation
See above.
  • relevant textbooks
  • internet access (incl. national park)
  • field-lab
Participate in all program activities (incl. non-vet) so as to gain sufficient insight into complexity of wildlife health & conservation particularly at the wildlife-livestock- & conservation area-community interface.
5-18 hrs. per day; min. 3 days per week
Uganda Large Predator Program; WARM-Dept., COVAB, Makerere University
Dept. Wildlife & Animal Resources Management (WARM)
College VetMed., Animal Resources & Biosecurity
Makerere University
POB 7062
Kampala / Uganda
+256 772 510 611
africanlion [dot] ulpp [at] gmail [dot] com
Ludwig Siefert, DVM, CTVM, MSciAgr
Posted: 07/08/2013