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U of PA School of Veterinary Medicine New Bolton Center

Large Animal Surgery Rotation
VCSN870 Large Animal Surgery Clinic - New Bolton Center

Dr. Richardson and Staff Credits 6

Quarters: 0, 1, 2

Duration: 2 weeks, Full-time

Prerequisite: Core surgery Courses

Limitations: Based on Hospital Needs

Students rotating through Large Animal Surgery at NBC will
participate in all aspects of examination and diagnosis, including
lameness evaluation and endoscopy, medical and surgical treatment and
daily patient care of large animals. During one week of the two-week
rotation, each student will be assigned to treat cattle, other domestic
farm animals and horses, and during the other week, horses only. Night,
weekend and holiday assignments, including treatments and emergency
service, will be made according to the requirements of the overall
hospital operation during a given session. Students usually are exposed
to various surgical procedures (general soft tissue, abdominal,
orthopedic, etc.) during any one rotation. During the rotation, students
may gain experience with horses being examined on the High Speed
Treadmill or undergoing imaging in the Nuclear Scintigraphy Unit.
Students will also participate in a variety of didactic teaching rounds,
barn rounds and teaching laboratories as described below:


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

4-5 pm – Surgery Teaching Rounds


3-5 pm – Surgery Teaching Laboratory (Wet labs)

Monday 8-9 am – Radiology Rounds (case-based discussion led by surgery faculty)

Tuesday 8-9 am – Lameness Rounds (case-based discussion led by Sports Medicine faculty)

Wednesday 8-9 am – Radiology Rounds (case-based discussion led by radiology faculty)

Thursday 8-9 am – Grand Rounds (Student case presentations)

Friday 8-9 am – Medicine Teaching Rounds (case-based discussion with Medicine faculty and house officers)

Nursing staff performs treatments between 9am and 5pm, Monday
through Friday and 6pm to 6am Monday through Thursday to allow daily
student participation in surgical cases. On Fridays, students perform
treatments 6am - 8am, at 6 pm and midnight. On Saturdays, students do
treatments from 6am through midnight and on Sundays, from 6am through
10pm. On the last day of a rotation, students do midnight treatments. To
facilitate a smooth transition to your next rotation, nursing does 6am
and 8am treatments on the first day of each new rotation.

See Experience Description above.
2 week full time rotation
University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine - New Bolton Center
University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine

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