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Tufts Wildlife Clinic

Clinical externship in wildlife medicine
extern will spend 2- 4 weeks working with wildlife clinic faculty and
staff in all aspects of wildilfe medicine, surgery and rehabilitation.
Wildlife Clinic sees approximately 1800 native wildlife patients/year.
The caseload is about 60-65% avian, 20-25% mammals and 10-20% reptile
species. The Clinic is fully equipped with radiology, surgical and
other capabilities as well as housing facilities for a variety of native
full time faculty, one intern, two technicians and support staff.
Didactic and supervised hands on experience with native wildlife
species. Formal orientation provided.
extern will have full responsibility for cases in the Clinic. This
includes admissions, physical examinations, diagnostic and therapeutic
procedures, animal husbandry and rehabilitation techniques. Emergency
on call duty is expected.
Two full time faculty and one intern are available at all times for supervision and training.
Not provided but students are able to make local arrangements.
Tufts Wildlife Clinic
Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University

200 Westboro Rd.

North Grafton, MA 01536
Florina S. Tseng, DVM
Updated: 04/13/12
North Grafton, MA
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