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Supplemental Application

Instructions on accessing the supplemental application


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I lost my email, what is the URL to the supplemental application?
A: The supplemental application is unique to each applicant, and must be accessed through your BuckeyeLink. You can view more detailed instructions here.

Q: I was a student or staff a long time ago and I can't remember my username or ID/I forgot my password.
A: Call 614-688-HELP

Q: Why am I getting the "navigation error message"?
A: Try to access the supplemental application the next day.

Q: I'm trying to pick a term but there are no terms listed?
A: This means that you are filling out the supplemental application on CollegeNet. Instead, please fill out the supplemental application through your BuckeyeLink.

Q: Who should I contact if I am having difficulty accessing my supplemental application?
A: Please contact the Professional Admissions office at or 614-292-9444.