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SonoVet, Inc. - Mobile Ultrasound Consultation Service


Full-time mobile diagnostic ultrasound and consultation service serving the veterinarians of San Antonio, Austin & the I-35 Corridor. Practice is limited to diagnostic ultrasound for abdominal, cardiac & thoracic disease. Emphasis will be more on the melding of the medicine and the sonographic changes than on learning how to scan. Echocardiography and cardiology subjects covered in light of clinical picture and pathophysiology of disease. Ultrasound probe time with instruction will be provided in the field as time and case flow allows. If time is not available, time can be arranged after normal work hours.


Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available

As of 2/2009: full-time ultrasound experience since 2003 with > 8000 cases of abdominal and cardiac studies. > 130 hours of CE in diagnostic ultrasound which includes teaching diagnostic ultrasound for Sound Techonologies as well as private training of general practitioners. Dr. Martin Henderson speaks regularly at local VMA meetings in Texas and California. Dr. Henderson is a graduate of Ohio State Univ. CVM, class of 1999. When in practice in Southern California, Dr. Henderson regularly taught students from Western Veterinary School as well as took externship students for 4 weeks at a time.

Educational Resources

Numerous ultrasound texts, differential lists for common ultrasound findings. Direct continual contact with Dr. Henderson.


Active involvement in daily procedures, assistance with restraint when necessary, discussion of clinical findin! gs and medical management/further diagnostics, differentials for findings. Students must be actively involved and willing to be quizzed orally in discussion of clinical findings.

Student Supervision

8-12 hours per day, 5+ days per week. Normal work week is 5 days, Saturdays closed, Sundays available for occasional emergencies. The student can also ask questions or discuss cases any time in the evenings.



Practice Information

SonoVet, Inc. - Mobile Ultrasound Consultation Service
301 Main Plaza Suite 332
New Braunfels, TX 78130

Ph: 800-792-5106
Fx: 800-792-5106


Updated: 3/2/09
Signature On File: Martin Henderson, DVM (OSU CVM 1999)

New Braunfels, TX
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