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Veterinary Clinical Sciences Residency Program

Veterinary Clinical Sciences Residency Program

It is the objective of the department and its faculty to provide the facilities, case material, mentoring and training that allows each resident to develop comprehensive knowledge, expertise and proficiency in their specialty. Successful completion of the residency program will satisfy the credentials requirements of the specialty colleges and will afford each resident the opportunity to be thoroughly prepared for their specialty college board certifying examinations.

Residents share in the responsibility of the faculty to provide exceptional educational experiences for our professional students and outstanding clinical services to our constituents. Residents are expected to contribute to the mission and function of their service, the Veterinary Medical Center, and the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, and to abide by the policies and rules of each.

Clinical Service

An integral and major element of the clinical residency training program is undertaken in the specialty clinical service, delivering outstanding veterinary care to our patients and professional service to animal owners and our referring DVMs. Our faculty clinicians will provide expert and direct supervision of clinical duties and responsibilities as residents develop the knowledge, skills and expertise expected of a specialist. Specific day-to-day clinical duties are detailed in each Specialty Service Residency Program Handbook.

Graduate Program (Optional)

All residents have the option to enroll as graduate students of the Graduate School of The Ohio State University to take individual coursework or complete either an MS or PhD degree. The Department offers a comprehensive selection of graduate courses taught within the College of Veterinary Medicine and coordinated to have minimal impact on clinical service responsibilities and opportunities. 

Degrees are awarded to students who have demonstrated the ability to successfully perform significant original independent research in any of the areas of specialization within the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, AND who have presented the results of their research orally and in writing to their peers and colleagues, AND completed all graduate course work requirements. It is expected that the results of this research will eventuate in the publication of at least 1 manuscript in a peer-reviewed journal.

To facilitate research opportunities, residents are given time off clinics each year during which they are free from scheduled clinical service duties and clinical case responsibilities to pursue these and other scholarly activities. Specific requirements regarding didactic coursework, courses offered etc., may be found in the CVM Graduate Program Handbook.


Teaching opportunities can be an important part of the training in both the clinical residency and the graduate program. Teaching responsibilities will include clinical teaching to senior veterinary students assigned to the service as well as participating in teaching technical skills to junior veterinary students during laboratories. Depending on the interest of the resident and the needs of the service, residents may have the opportunity to develop lecture skills by preparing and delivering selected formal classroom lectures to professional students.

Successful completion of a residency and the award of a Residency Certificate are dependent on completion of the 3-years of the clinical residency training program.

For more information, please contact the VCS Education Program Coordinator:

Chelsea Souder
(614) 688-0332