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An externship at Purdue involves daily interaction in the consulting office on clinical cases with the clinicians of the case, clinical pathologists and clinical pathology residents. Externs will learn to critically evaluate cytologic and hematologic specimens as well as laboratory data. Activities that the student will engage in include the resident’s weekly journal club, weekly clinical pathology rounds, large animal clinical pathology rounds and other small group sessions with the residents and pathologists. In addition, frequent seminars related to veterinary medicine are often available to attend. Multiple resources will be available for independent development including cataloged study sets and the veterinary medicine library. Depending on timing of the externship, participation in the required senior clinical pathology rotation may also be an option. The goal for the externship is to begin building a broad base of experience to continue building on in the future.
Numerous board certified individuals including, but not limited to: ACVIM (internal medicine, oncology and neurology), ACVP, ACVS, ACVR, ACVD and ACVO. These people also have their associated technicians, interna and residents
See above.
Students are expected to participate in rounds and discussions along with the senior students, interns, residents and visiting practitioners
There is rarely a time that the students will not have direct supervision available; however, self study and expploration is encouraged.
The students are left to find their own; however, many Purdue students and faculty frequntly have rooms to offer.
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