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For Pet's Sake

practice devoted 100% to birds, reptiles, and exotic mammals. Students
will get hands-on experience with medicine, husbandry, and surgery as
well as practice management.
will work side-by-side with the practice owner on medical and surgical
case management. The practice only accepts one extern or preceptor at a
time. Students will assist or perform under supervision castration and
OHE of small mammals such as rabbits. Students will learn various
techniques for laboratory sampling, restraint, anesthesia, and
diagnostic imaging on the different species. Students will participate
in client education on animal husbandry and at home treatment. Owner
offers full disclosure on practice finances and emphasizes practice
subscribes to the journals of AAV, AEMV, ARAV and has an extensive
library of exotic animal medicine textbooks and references. University
of Georgia, College of Veterinary Medicine's reading room is
approximately 40 minutes away. Emory University's medical library is
around the corner. There online journal database may also be
with the doctors and staff, the student shall be responsible for in
house treatment management. Students are supervised, yet given full
privileges on wildlife case management. Students and staff are expected
to arrive at work at or before 9 am . Our hospital is open until 6 pm
M-F and 2 pm on Saturday; however, we go home when the work is done.
Students are expected to lend a hand wherever needed with such chores as
cage cleaning and maintaining general hospital tidiness.
Practice owner: Jason Hutcheson, DVM

Part time relief doctor: Mimi Shepherd, DVM Dipl ABVP Avian

Students work side by side with one doctor or another eight hours
per day, five days a week and five hours on Saturday. Total of approx
45+ hours per week.
For Pet's Sake - The avian and exotic animal hospital of Atlanta
3761 North Druid Hills Road

Decatur, GA 30033
Jason Hutcheson, DVM
Posted: 04/05/13
Decatur, GA
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