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Pennsylvania Bureau of Animal Health Region 1 Office

In a regional office of the Bureau of Animal
Health and Diagnostic Services of the Department of Agriculture the student will
be exposed to regulatory veterinary medicine. The office is responsible for
surveillance and control of a defined set of "Dangerous Transmissible Diseases"
including zoonoses and diseases that are a threat to the food supply over a 10
county area of northwestern Pennsylvania.
The student is an active participant in an office
that performs a variety of activities designed to diagnose, control and perform
surveillance for diseases like Rabies, Chronic Wasting Disease, Tuberculosis,
Swine Influenza, Pseudorabies, Brucellosis, Equine Infectious Anemia, Salmonella
pullorum, and Avian Influenza. The student will become acutely aware of the
links between public health and animal health.
We work closely with the PA Department of Health
regional office and public health veterinarians like Enzo Campagnolo, DVM who is
jointly employed by CDC and PA Department of Health.
JAVMA, variety of textbooks (The Natural History
of Rabies, Diseases of Poultry, Law and Ethics of the Veterinary Profession,
Sheep and Goat Medicine, Manual of Wildlife Diseases, Handbook of Zoonoses,
Diseases of Swine).
Monthly conference calls with the entire Bureau of
Animal Health staff for Pennsylvania and associated USDA personnel abouut
current sittuaitons and outbreaks/problems in our state.
Student will learn to collect and submit rabies
specimens and Chronic Wasting Disease specimens. The student will become
competent in communicating with the public about zoonotic diseases.
The student will have free access with the
veterinarian 7.5 hours a day, 5 days a week (Monday through Friday)
Bureau of Animal Health Region 1
13410 Dunham Road
Meadville, PA
Karen Martin,
Updated: 09/15/11
Meadville, PA
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