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Peer Tutoring Program

Welcome! The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine Peer Tutoring Program (PTP) offers you free tutoring at a convenient location agreed upon by you and your tutor. PTP tutors are students just like you! They understand your challenges and they are eager to help you learn. All PTP tutors have been highly successful in the courses they tutor and have demonstrated a genuine interest in helping other students.

A list of peer tutors and their contact information can be found on the PPS CVM Community group page.

Peer Tutoring Program Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the Peer Tutoring Program work?

A: At some point in time, most of us can benefit from the assistance of someone who has more experience than we have in particular area. Peer tutors are students who have already successfully negotiated the courses in which you are currently enrolled and are eager to help. To get started, view the document of available peer tutors found on the PPS page in CVM community to access the list of peer tutor names, contact information, and subjects tutored for the current academic year. We generally advise that you contact more than one peer tutor for any given subject, in order to identify a tutor that is the best match for you in terms of style of instruction, schedule availability and/or other factors. All peer tutors have been advised to respond to any requests for a tutor within 48 hours-even if the peer tutor needs to decline your request. You will negotiate the terms of service directly with your peer tutor including the dates, times, frequency, location and format of tutoring sessions. You and/or your peer tutor do not need to contact the Office of Student Affairs to ask permission to make arrangements and/or advise us that arrangements have been made. You are entrusted to make the arrangements that work best for you and your tutor. And remember, this service is FREE.

Q: What can I expect from a peer tutor?

A: Peer tutors have been advised to "take the lead" in establishing the terms of service. The peer tutor may ask you when, where and how often you want to meet and the preferred length of sessions (sessions are typically one hour). Telling your tutor, "Well, I just want to pass the class," isn't a very specific foundation on which to start, so be prepared to identify specific, measurable goals and/or the specific difficulties you are having. This allows the peer tutor the opportunity to adapt his/her peer tutoring style accordingly to maximize the effectiveness of each session with you. For example, is poor motivation a factor? Procrastination? Ineffective study habits? Poor data retention/memory? Test anxiety? Do you take the "right" notes in class from which to base your studies? Peer tutors are not trained to assess whether or not you are impacted by a learning disability. If you believe that a learning disability may be playing a role in your academic performance, you are advised to contact the Office of Disability Services:

Peer tutors agree to keep all information regarding your sessions confidential. However, peer tutors are encouraged to contact Dr. Brandt directly if they have concerns about a learner's personal and/or professional success. Peer tutor are expected to be:

  • dependable and punctual
  • sensitive to your individual learning needs
  • positive yet honest during learning sessions
  • effective working one-on-one and in small groups
  • friendly, patient and sensitive to a diverse range of students
  • able to develop relationships with learners based upon mutual trust and respect

Q: What will my peer tutor expect from me?

A: A successful peer tutoring program requires effective communication and cooperation from the peer tutor and the learner. By utilizing the PTP program, you are agreeing to the following:

  • You must regularly attend the classes for which you are receiving tutoring. Peer tutors are intended to be enhancements to, not substitutes for, proper study skills, hard work, and the in-person classroom experience.
  • To change or cancel a peer tutoring appointment, you must notify your peer tutor at least 24 hours in advance of the appointed time. Failure to cancel an appointment in the required time frame is considered unprofessional and discourteous. "No shows" will be documented. Repeated no shows may impact your ability to continue participating in the peer tutoring program.
  • Be prompt for your tutoring appointments. (And expect your peer tutor to do the same).
  • Arrive prepared for your tutoring sessions e.g. read class material, attempt to do any homework assignments, and prepare questions in advance so that you can make the most of your peer tutoring session.

If you have any additional questions or want to provide feedback regarding the Peer Tutoring Program, please contact the Office of Professional Program Support at