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OSU CVM Small Animal Internal Medicine elective


This rotation allows students to further hone their clinical skills in the diagnosis and management of small animal internal medicine cases. Because of the broad variety of clinical problems and disorders that are evaluated in SAIM Clinics (Urinary, Gastrointestinal, Endocrine, and Respiratory systems; Infectious Disease; Multi-systemic disorders), the two week block in the SAIM elective rotation is likely to provide case material that is complementary to that seen in the core rotation. Problem-solving abilities and strategies continue to be emphasized. For practical scheduling purposes, completion of the core rotation is not required prior to the elective experience.


Case responsibilities and expectations for the elective rotation in SAIM are the same as for the core rotation with the exception that elective students are not required to prepare a Topic Presentation.


    Susan E. Johnson, DVM

    Student Supervision

    8-10 hours/day; 5 days a week. Weekend responsibilities for hospitalized patients but these responsibilities can be coordinated between core and elective students on the rotation.

    Location Information

    Dr. Susan Johnson
    The Ohio State University
    College of Veterinary Medicine
    Small Animal Internal Medicine
    Veterinary Medical Center
    601 Vernon L. Tharp Street
    Columbus, OH 43210

    Ph: 614-292-3551

    Updated: 11/6/09
    Signature On File: Susan E. Johnson, DVM

    Columbus OH
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