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OSU CVM Preventive Medicine/Veterinary Public Health

Preventive Medicine/Veterinary Public Health
Two portions of independent study. Student will edit and prepare MPH paper for publication in peer-review journal. Second, student will work on preparing study materials for ACVPM board exam. Majority of the two weeks will be spent studying preventive medicine, reviewing journal articles and searching current publications.
  1. Prepare MPH paper for editing by additional authors, and submit it to a peer-review journal
  2. Read and summarize at least 2 of the core books required for the ACVPM board study group and make corresponding flashcards on
  3. Prepare powerpoint/presentation materials for an ACVPM study topic and present it to the study group
  4. Make flashcards and read materials from previous ACVPM study group meetings
  5. Begin to creat CV specifically to be used to apply to take the board; this will include a list of all Prev Med related activities
The majority of this rotation will allow essentially free access to Dr. Hoet and other members of the department by phone or email, but it will be self-directed. There will be meetings twice a week: Wed. 4 p.m. will be to discuss publication of MPH paper; Fri. 4 p.m. will be for discussion of ACVPM board studying
Location Address:
Department of Preventive Medicine
Sisson Hall
Columbus, OH 43210
Supervisor of elective:

Armando Hoet, DVM

Updated: 02/29/12
Columbus, OH
Elective categories: