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Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital, Avian & Exotics Department

Avian and exotic animal private practice
Accompany primary veterinarian to routine and emergency appointments.

Obtain history from clients for previously mentioned appointments.

Perform full physical examination under direct supervision.

Assist in surgical procedures in surgical suite and procedure room.
Journals: JAVMA, JAMS

Extensive library of avian and exotic animal medicine and surgery textbooks
students are expected to be enthusiastic, engaging and proactive. For
externships 2 weeks or longer, the student is expected to complete
and/or design a client husbandry handout for a species of their
12 hrs/weekday, 8 hrs/weekend day.

Direct access to a veterinarian will available for the full extent of the externship.
Oakhurst Veterinary Hospital, Avian & Exotics Department
225 Monmouth Rd

Oakhurst, NJ 07755
732 531 1212
732 531 2361
Jeff Applegate, DVM
Posted: 04/23/2013
Oakhurst, NJ
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