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Non-honor Code Grievance Procedure

The following protocol is a guideline to follow when attempting to address student issues that do not involve an Honor Code violation. Each person or group of persons listed below is accountable for attempting to resolve the issue before forwarding the concern to the next level. When a decision is made, those who were involved in process will be notified of the outcome.

Academic Issues

(e.g., grades, exam procedures)

Class President

Course Instructor

Team Leader

Core Course Issues

Dean of Academic and Student Affairs

Dr. Jean Sander
VMAB-127Q ext 2-9978
[[EmailLink? Sander]]


Elective Course Issues

Department Chairperson

Biosciences - Dr. Michael Lairmore
Goss 207 ext 2-4087
[[EmailLink? Lairmore]]

Clinical Sciences - Dr. Robert Sherding
VH-1008 ext 2-1705
[[EmailLink? Sherding]]

Preventive Medicine - Dr. Kent Hoblet
SH-A184A ext 2-1206
[[EmailLink? Hoblet]]

Electives Committee
(via Student Council representative)

Facilities Issues

(e.g., cleanliness, needed repairs)

Class President

Building Coordinator

Goss Lab - Abdul Rahaman
Goss 213 ext 2-4595; 2-1856
[[EmailLink? Rahaman]]

Sisson Hall - Abdul Rahaman
Goss 213 ext 2-4595; 2-1856
[[EmailLink? Rahaman]]

Marysville - Dr. Bimbo Welker
[[EmailLink? Welker]]

Vet Hosp - Craig Miller
VH-1106B ext 2-6148
[[EmailLink? Miller]]

Student Council


Other Issues

(e.g., student activities, suggestions)

Class President

Student Council


Classroom Scheduling

(for organizational & student meetings)

Goss Lab
Georga Porcelli
SH-203 ext 2-5661

Sisson Hall
(SH-A100H; SH-331)
Glenda Rinehart
SH-A100 ext 2-1391

Sisson Hall
April Wharton
SH-101 ext 2-1171

Sisson Hall
(2nd floor)
Dolores Fischer
SH-239 ext 2-1206

Vet Hosp
(AT Classroom)
Donna Conley
VH-0005 ext 2-9193

Vet Hosp
(All Other Rooms)
Jackie Rutherford
VH-1007 ext 4-6003