New Haven Central Hospital for Veterinary Medicine

Students will spend their time in the diagnostic imaging section of a busy small animal emergency/referral/wellness center, assisting in the performance and interpretation of radiographic and ultrasonographic studies. Topic rounds will be given as time permits. Focus will be placed on maximizing image quality, optimizing study selection and developing interpretation skills.
Primary: Lance Rozear, DVM, DACVR
Also in house are diplomates of Internal Medicine, Surgery and Emergency Medicine/Critical Care
JAMVA, JVR, VRUS, various other journals, imaging textbooks, Radiology teaching file.
  • Daily attendance.
  • Assisting personel with ultrasound examinations.
  • Attendance in the reading area while radiographs and other studies are interpreted. Appropriate preparation for topic rounds (relevant material will be distributed in advance).
40 hrs per week
New Haven Central Hospital For Veterinary Medicine
843 State St.
New Haven, CT 06405
lrozear [at] centralpetvet [dot] com
Lance Rozear, DVM, DACVR
Updated: 02/09/11