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MS and PhD Programs

The Graduate Program in Comparative and Veterinary Medicine offers a unique approach to advanced training of professional and graduate students leading to MS and PhD degrees in preparation for careers in  biomedical, clinical and field-based epidemiological research. Significant need exists at the national and international levels for skilled scientists who are trained in modern translational research methods to apply advances in medicine to improve animal and human health. Recognizing the commonality between human and animal medicine, translational research at the College of Veterinary Medicine is at the forefront of advancing discoveries in basic research that can be taken from the field, clinic or the laboratory bench and applied to the patient's bedside and to the population as a whole. Upon graduation from our program, students will have gained an understanding of hypothesis-based research and the training necessary to pursue a variety of careers in academia, government, and industry.

College of Veterinary Medicine Graduate Program Handbook


Please join us in congratulating the Autumn 2015 Graduate Student Best Seminar Presentations. 1st Place Parker Woods