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Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine

Spay/neuter shelter surgery elective
travel with a Mobile veterinary unit to animal shelters in north
Mississippi. Each unit goes to one shelter a day, spending the day
there providing basic wellness care and spay neuter services for animals
eligible for adoption. On average 30 surgeries are performed each day
in each (of 2) mobile units. In total extern students will visit 7 or 8
different shelters and will perform (on average) over 70 surgeries in
during the two week rotation. The first day of the experience an
experience surgeon is scrubbed in with the students offering assistance,
guidance, and feedback. After the first day one or more experienced
surgeons are available to scrub in if the student needs assistance, but
the students perform the surgeries on their own.
Philip Bushby is a Board Certified Veterinary Surgeon

Dr. Kimberly Woodruff has 5 years spay neuter experience.

The program runs two mobile veterinary units and serves 18 different shelters/humane groups in North Mississippi.
are provided with specific reading material and instructional videos
related to pet over population, shelter management, and high volume spay
neuter techniques.
will visit 7 or 8 different shelters on the mobile veterinary units and
will participate in basic wellness care and spay neuter of shelter
animals eligible for adoption. Students, on average, perform more than
70 surgeries each.
are supervised by Dr. Philip Bushby and or Dr. Kimberly Woodruff.
Students will spend 7 to 8 days with 9 to 12 hours contact with
veterinarians each day for a total of approximately 85 hours of contact.
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Philip Bushby
Posted: 04/08/13
Mississippi State, MS
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