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Becoming A Member

A person is
considered to be a voting or honorary member upon payment of dues for the
current academic year. A person may indicate their intent to become a voting or
honorary member by attending any general meeting for the Veterinary Public
Health club during the academic year and submitting a completed membership
form. A membership form may also be completed by clicking on the link below.

Membership Form

Paying Dues

Currently, the annual dues for voting/honorary
members are $10 if paid in full during the first general meeting. If a person chooses to pay by term, the dues
owed will be $8, which will also be collected during the first general meeting
of the term. A payment of $8 will then be required at the first general meeting
of each subsequent term throughout the academic year, for a total of $16.

Leaving the Club

to pay dues results in termination of membership. After paying dues, a person
may choose to terminate their voting or honorary membership with the Veterinary
Public Health Club by submitting their intent in writing to any of the club's