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Maryland Zoo in Baltimore


Students will participate in all procedures, draw blood and take other diagnostic samples, learn how to restrain and medicate a variety of different animals. They will also participate in chemical immobilizations for larger species. Students will assist the veterinarian or veterinary intern with all medical procedures for the day. They may be responsible for routine medications of some hospitalized animals. Students will complete either a small research project or present a subject or interest or need during the block.


Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available

  • 1 veterinarian board-certified in zoo and wildlife medicine (DACZM)
  • collaboration with Johns Hopkins Department of Comparative Pathology, National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Educational Resources

Library accessible for students including numerous books and journals.


Taking part in all veterinary activities Mon-Fri at least from 8:30-4:30, including treatment of hospital patients, daily rounds on grounds of zoo animals, anesthesia, surgery. Each student will present a topic or choice or perform a small research project.

Student Supervision

Direct supervision and disscussion and access to veterinarians at all times when students are present (at least 8 hr/day at least 5 days/week).


Yes, if requested, for small rent with zoo docents.

Practice Information

Maryland Zoo in Baltimore
Druid Hill Park
Baltimore, MD 21217

Ph: 443-552-3382
Fx: 443-320-0009


Updated: 1/06/09
Signature on file: Ellen Bronson, DVM

Baltimore, MD
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