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Lisbon Veterinary Clinic

Working alongside six veterinarians in a mixed clinical practice.
of our externs come to our practice to gain large animal clinical
experience so we take them out on our large animal calls. Our practice
is 2/3 large animal with three or four vets out on the road covering a
little over two counties. Most of our patients are cattle and horses but
we also work on small ruminants, camelids and hogs. Most of our cattle
clients are dairymen and our equine clients are riding/pleasure
Information not provided
Current library of texts, access to journals, internet access
vets in clinical practice, practice performing complete physical exam,
develop diagnostic plans, differential diagnosis, and treatment plans.
Hands on learning through performing diagnostics and treatment.
The students will be with a vet throughout our normal work week -- ten hours a day five days a week plus shared emergency duty.
Lisbon Veterinary Clinic
8100 Race Road

Lisbon, OH 44432
(330) 424-3512
(330) 424-1808
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Fred Bennett, DVM
Updated: 03/22/11
Lisbon, OH
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