Joint Base Lewis-McChord Veterinary Center

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Military veterinary experience
Military veterinary work to include medicine, surgery and wellness exams. Additional military experience will be requried such as a record PT test, sanitary food audit training and Officer Professional Development.
Board certified Veterinary Surgeon and Board Certified Veterinary Internal Medicinist
Computers, books, and daily rounds
The student is required to arrive on time each day in appropriate attire with proper gear. Active participation in rounds and daily procedures. Give a power point presentation / training to the veterinary technicians and doctors on approved medicine topic. Take a record physical training test. Participate in daily physical training with the soldiers. Attend 1-2 sanitary food audits.
Student will have access to supervisor 24 hours a day for the length of the rotation. Normal clinic hours are 8-4 Mon-Fri in which a veterinarian will be presenet. Occasional Saturday clinics are held.
Joint Base Lewis-McChord Veterinary Center
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JBLM, WA 984383
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CPT Margaret James, DVM
Posted: 04/17/14