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Humphrey, Giacopuzzi & Associates Equine Hospital


The objective of the externship is to provide experience for an individual veterinary medical student relative to a veterinarian’s commitment and involvement with the profession, to provide experience whereby the students and veterinarian may share medical knowledge and its application, to familiarize students with the daily realities of veterinary medicine, which include clinical, financial, and management decisions, to increase the variety of clinical cases and client interaction that students encounter during their education, to acquaint the student with the professional activity and the role of the veterinarian in a community, to provide the student with an opportunity to apply knowledge gained through formal education to practical situations, and to explore the possibilities of future employment as an intern.

The hospital is a full service equine facility that provides primary and referral services. The scope of service includes and ambulatory field practice providing routine and emergency services 7 days a week, surgery on both an elective and emergency basis, 24 hour intensive care for hospitalized patients, lameness evaluations, and extensive diagnostic evaluations and consultations.


Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available

  • Richard Giacopuzzi, DVM, internal medicine, ophthalmology and reproduction
  • Michael Giacopuzzi, DVM, surgery, lameness, and CO2 laser surgery
  • Nicole Johnson, DVM, Diplomate ACVS, surgical procedures and lameness
  • Stacy Smith, DVM, evaluation, reproduction, and emergency medicine

Educational Resources

Not on record.


Daily routine starts at approximately when students will assist the technicians with the patient treatments. Students will be incorporated into the assistance of technical duties based on their experience. The students are required to assist the technicians with the treatments. Evening and night assistance will be decided by the Student Program Director and will vary depending on the caseload.

Students will accompany the veterinarians in the field, assisting with and learning about procedures and diagnostic approaches to a variety of equine ambulatory cases. Students will be involved in hospital diagnostics, therapeutics, and surgeries. Students should review and prepare for the next days activities. Students are expected to participate in surgeries, if the procedures require. They may also be asked to assist with surgical preparation or assist with anesthesia. The responsibilities of the student are: the student must conduct himself or herself in a professional and ethical manner, must follow instructions and carry out assignments as directed by the veterinarian and/or hospital staff, honor confidentiality of the doctor-client relationship, and provide proof of health insurance.

Student Supervision

Not on record.


Housing is provided with a kitchenette and laundry facilities, within the hospital. Routine meals will be eaten in the dorm/lunchroom. The housing area is also used as a meeting room and surgery viewing area for the clients. It is to be presentable and clean at all times.

Practice Information

Humphrey, Giacopuzzi & Associates Equine Hospital
4774 Donlon Rd
Somis, CA 93066-9766

Ph: (805) 386-4291
Fx: (805) 386-4298


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Somis CA
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