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Experience in shelter medicine including surgery, medical care, and rounds.
The student participating in this experience will be able to observe and perform routine ovariohysterectomies and castrations for dogs and cats, including pediatric surgery. Medical cases are examined, treated and diagnostics performed in-house with minimal diagnostics submitted to reference laboratories. Occasionally additional surgical procedures will be performed by the veterinarian, which the student may observe. Daily rounds are performed with the shelter manager and each animal is discussed.
Students will show up to the shelter on-time and in appropriate attire. They will show a motivation to participate in surgical and medical cases and have an interest in shelter medicine. The student should be understanding of the fluctuant nature of shelter medicine and know that depending on the time frame of the externship and their competency they may or may not get as many surgical cases as they anticipate.
Students will have access to a veterinarian 4-5 days per week for approximately 8 hours each day, Monday-Friday.
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Crystal Mendiguren, DVM
Posted: 10/23/13