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Shelter Medicine
This elective exposes the veterinary student to the realm of shelter medicine and the unique challenges of practicing veterinary medicine in that setting. Surgical experience focuses on spay/neuter surgeries on all ages of dogs and cats as well as some other more salvage surgical procedures (enucleations, amputations, etc.). The students are expected to work up medical and surgical cases that come into the Humane League and assist at the various low cost medical/vaccine clinics the League offers to the public on a regular basis. Discussion and education is focused on the more specific aspects of veterinary medicine in the shelter, with ephasis on the herd health mentality and various treatment options that can be pursued in a shelter setting. By the end of the rotation, the student is expected to have a better understanding of shelter medicine and the need for veterinarians to help out in this area of animal care. This is a very hands on and primary care type of rotation that allows the student to gain very valuable practical experience for his/her veterinary career
Students are expected to come to the shelter every day they are scheduled and prepared to assist in whatever tasks await the veterinary team on that day. They are expected to have a good general understanding of veterinary medicine to discuss basic prinicples. They are also expected to have basic knowledge of surgical principles. A strong desire to research learning issues the arise during basic discussion of diseases and cases is welcomed. Students are encouraged to think about solving problems or complications that arise in treatment of animals themselves and have options in mind when discussing cases with the veterinarian.
Students are under direct supervision of a veterinarian at all times during the rotation. Dr. Langlois is the primary supervisor of the students. A Veterinarian is always observing the student in surgery and is accompanying the student on any exams that may be performed.
Housing is sometimes available with Dr. Langlois
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Dr. Bryan Langlois, DVM Medical Director
Posted: 04/03/13