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How to Access our Services

Who is eligible for services?

The College of Veterinary Medicine Office of Counseling and Consultation is a resource that is available to all College of Veterinary Medicine graduate and professional students.  Services are free and confidential. 

How to schedule:

For non-urgent appointments:

Email and please provide:

  • A brief summary of your presenting concern or reason for seeking services
  • A list of 3-4 dates and times you are available to meet over a two-week period
  • If you have no day/time preference, please specify that you will take the first available appointment regardless of day/time

If you would like to work with Annie or Katie specifically, please email them directly and include the abovementioned information.

Annie or Katie will email you to confirm your appointment date, time, and location. If you have not heard from our office within two business days, please email again.

For emergency matters, please call 911.  Email is not monitored 24/7