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Hagyard Equine Medical Institute

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The Hagyard Equine Medical Institute externship program provides students the opportunity to gain "real-world"experience in a group practice dedicated to caring for some of the most valued equine patients in the world. The program design allows students to choose from a wide array of high quality equine veterinary medical services, each one a specialty of the firm.

Field Care Externship: The student will observe primary field veterinarians and experience services ranging from reproduction, radiology, and herd health to acupuncture and chiropractic medicine. Students must have transportation if they choose to participate in this externship. Available from February - May. Limited space available in September.

Medicine Externship: The student will observe five ACVIM board-certified internists at the McGee Medicine Center, in addition to patients in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Intermediate Care Barn and Primary Care Barn. Available from February - August.

Sport Horse Externship: The student will be exposed to sport horse management with particular emphasis on lameness diagnostics and treatment. Time will be spent at area sport horse stables, as well as at horse shows. Students must have transportation if they choose to participate in this externship. Available from May - October.

Surgery Externship: The student will observe a variety of surgery procedures within the Davidson Surgery Center, in addition to nuclear scintigraphy, digital radiography, high-speed treadmill evaluations, and MRI. Available from February - June and August - October.

Theriogenology Externship: The student will observe one of Hagyard's reproduction specialists and observe assisted fertility and infertility services provided in the field and at the McGee Fertility Center. Students must have transportation if they choose to participate in this externship. Available from February - June.

We strongly encourage externships be scheduled between the months of February and May to allow a broader learning experience.

Prerequisites for Externship:

  1. Primary professional interest in equine veterinary medicine.
  2. Preferences given to third and fourth year veterinary student or graduate veterinarian.
  3. Transportation to and from Hagyard.

Application process:

E-mail information to: Jamie O'Flynn at

  1. Letter of Intent - Include the specific dates you would like to participate in an externship as well as the areas of Hagyard in which you are interested.
  2. Resume.
  3. Two months notice is preferred.  


Associated Veterinarians and special expertise available

  • 2 ACVT
  • 6 ACVIM
  • 3 ACVS
  • 1 ACVECC
  • 1 CHT (Certified Hyperbaric Technician)
  • Consulting specialists - 2 ACVT and 2 ACVO

Educational Resources

  • Medical library
  • Hagyard grand rounds
  • Hagyard lecture series
  • Theriogenology rounds


Enthusiasm, punctuality, professional attire

Student Supervision

Monday through Saturday - approximately 8 hrs. a day
Sport Horse Externs - Tuesday through Sunday - approximately 8 hrs a day


Three on-site dorm rooms are available by request. If no housing is available, housing is the responsibility of the extern. A list of alternative housing options will be provided.

Practice Information

Hagyard Equine Medical Institute
4250 Iron Works Pike
Lexington, KY 40511

Ph: 859-685-3703
Fax: 859-259-9202


Updated: 8/10/09
Signatures on file: Dr. Luke H. Fallon, Externship Program Director; Dr. Rhonda A. Rathgeber, Internship Program Director; Ms. Jamie O'Flynn, Intern & Extern Coordinator

Lexington KY
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