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Graduate Student Seminar Course Schedule

Autumn Semester, 2021 Schedule

Tuesdays, 4:00 pm to 4:50 am

Live (Zoom)

August 24
Course Introduction
Drs. Kisseberth, Hale, Sharma

August 31
Coffee Chat/Happy Hour
 Endeavor Brewery-909 W 5th Ave

September 7
Anna Smith, PhD Student | Advisor:  Dr. Amit Sharma

September 14
Timothy Helms, PhD Student | Advisors:  Dr. Steven Clinton and Dr. Christopher Cross

September 21
Marisa Joldrichen, PhD Student | Advisor:  Dr. Prosper Boyaka
September 28
Mackenzie Long, PhD Student | Advisor:  Dr. Robert Baiocchi

October 5
Yusheng Guo, PhD Student | Advisor:  Dr. Anastasia Vlasova
Jack Evans, PhD Student  |  Advisor: Dr. Shan-Lu Liu
October 12
Shelby Sloan, PhD Student | Advisor:  Dr. Robert Baiocchi
October 19
Allison Mustonen, MS Student | Advisor:  Dr. Raj Muthusamy and Dr. Erin Hertlein
October 26
Moyasar Abdulhameed, MS Student | Advisor:  Dr. Scott Kenney
Manuja Gunasena, PhD Student  |  Advisor: Dr. Namal Liyanage

November 2
Kelsey Brakel, PhD Student | Advisor:  Dr. Stefan Niewiesk
November 9
Shihyoung Kim, PhD Student  |  Advisor: Dr. Sanggu Kim
Dillon McBride, PhD Student  |  Advisor: Dr. Andrew Bowman

November 16
Elizabeth Parker, PhD Student | Advisor:  Dr. Thomas Wittum
November 23
Alice Baek, PhD Student | Advisor:  Dr. Sanggu Kim
November 30
Xiaoyu Niu, PhD Student  |  Advisor: Dr. Qiuhong Wang
December 7
Sarah Linn, PhD Student  |  Advisor: Dr. John Spencer


For more information, please contact the Graduate Program Coordinator at or at (614) 292-9203.