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Godspeed Animal Care

animal/ Exotic veterinary clinic, with predominantly canine and feline
cases, but a good variety of avian and reptile cases. Also,
rehabilitation center with underwater treadmill and ongoing rehab cases
and evaluation.
would have exposure to a wide range of small animal/ Exotic cases -
feline and canine cases dominate, but we do see birds, reptiles, pocket
pets and whatever wildlife is injured in our area. We average over 200
cases a year, from foxes, osprey, eagles and doves to turtles and
possums. Student would have the opportunity to go into exam room with
veterinarian, discuss cases, evaluate lab tests, perform venipuncture,
cytocentesis by palpation or Ultrasound, assist in taking and evaluating
radiographs, dental procedures, take and evaluate dental radiographs,
assist in surgery, as well as learn to develop estimates for clients,
and mostly observe clinician go over options and help client determine
what course of action to take. Student would assist in euthanasias, and
any other procedures veterinary staff is involved in.
Variety of specialty practices nearby, but the only additional boarding/ certification is Rehabilitation.
Clinical Briefs, AAHA, and all manner of textbooks available. Richmond
Academy for Continuing Education meets the first Thursday of each month
and student would be welcome to attend. Drs. meeting/ rounds each Monday
afternoon. VIN membership.
will be expected to be present at clinic five days a week, from 8 AM
till 5 or 6 PM, with lunch break mid day as time permits. Student will
be expected to assist in whatever procedures are going on, be it
venipuncture, animal restraint, radiography, etc. With four doctors and a
technician staff of 2 LVTs and 3 LVT students, there is plenty of time
for student to assist in exam room, practice examination and palpation
skills, evaluate and discuss hospital patients with doctors, assist in
surgery, etc. They will be assigned to a particular veterinarian for
most of the time, but may be assigned to another veterinarian when that
doctor is not present. This would allow for ongoing discussion and
questions regarding treatment options and choices, costs of such
treatments, as well as more hands-on activities to enrich the students
student would be assigned to a veterinarian for his or her hours at the
clinic. If it was felt that they would benefit more from time with a
technician ( i.e. dental cleanings), this would take place instead.
Otherwise, it is hoped that the student would work closely with the
doctor for the majority of 30-40 hours a week. (8 AM till 5 or 6 PM, 5
days a week)
Probably not, but possibly
Godspeed Animal Care
102 Tewning Rd
Williamsburg, VA 23188
Pamela Dumont, DVM, CCRP
Posted: 01/13/2014
Williamsburg, VA
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