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Fleming County Animal Hospital

Mixed Practice - food animal/companion animal
Student will experience a variety of large animal procedures (i.e. horse colic, cow OB, lame cows, horses, sheep, goats, etc.), companion animal surgery, dermatology, X-Ray, systemic blood evaluation, etc.
Yes, our practice uses Ohio state as referral seravice as well as Blue Vet Specialists, Lexington, KY, Dr. Armita, Grady Clinic, Tennessee Avenue Clinic, Cincinnati, OH.
Multiple resources available; continuing education, etc.
Arrive at clinic during operating (business hours. Be available to participate in business of the day. Come prepared each day for a new learning opportunity.
The clinic is open Mon-Sat 8:30-5:30. We are closed on Sunday, but we work all the time. This is a two person practice and we alternate 24 hour call. The student can work any of those times.
No housing available at this time
Fleming County Animal Hospital
500 West Water Street
Flemingsburg, KY 41041
Frank G. Vice, DVM
Updated: 02/28/12
Flemingsburg, KY
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