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General practice in a feline-exclusive practice. AAHA accredited Feline Specialty status. Medical Director is Certificated in feline medicine. We were the 4th feline-only practice in the US, founded in 1977.
We are an AAHA-certified feline-specialty practice. We try to give our students a fair cross-section of cases commonly seen in our practice as well as general surgery. We refer cases to local specialists, but such cases usually have their basic workups done through us prior to any referral, so students learn good problem-solving algorithms. We try to exercise student experience based on the level of comfort the student has with their skills but also within the boundaries of state laws.
We utilize local specialists in Internal Medicine, Dermatology, Oncology, Surgery, Cardiology, Dentistry, and ophthalmology (all of whom are within 15 minutes of our clinic).
WE have access to VIN, the latest feline journals, AAHA literature, The most-recent feline textbooks by various authors including Little, Norsworthy, August, et,al.
neat, clean appearance. We set a schedule for the student at the beginning that they must follow (and its of mutual agreement). They will notify us if they have to alter their schedule for any reason. They have time off also included in this schedule to accomplish their own daily tasks.
The students are ONLY scheduled to be in attendance during times when a doctor is on premises, so they are always supervised. WE try to schedule no more than 40 hour weeks...give or take to accommodate special events or procedures.
No, students are required to find their own housing.
Feline Medical Clinic
5801 NE105th Ave.
Vancouver, WA 98662
felineclinic [at] aol [dot] com
Drs. Burhenn, Golden, King
Posted: 07/23/14