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Farm Animal Veterinary Service

Food animal ambulatory externship
will learn about the daily responsibilites of a food animal
veterinarian. Ride to multiple dairies ranging in size from 20-250
cows, beef farms, and also see sheep, goats, pigs, llamas and alpacas.
Exposure to pregnancy palpation of dairy and beef cows, LDA/RDA
surgeries, C-sections, calvings, blood testing cattle, blood testing
pigs, health certificates, placing IV needles, physical examinations and
sick animal work, antibiotic prescription and extra label usage. Also
will gain experience trouble shooting issues on the farm such as
mastitis outbreaks, vaccination protocols, poor conception rates, etc.
JAVMA, Clinical handbooks of North America, AABP-L, AASRP-L
will be responsible for assisiting in procedures, learning to place an
IV needle in animals, pregnancy palpation, communicating with the
clients about diagnosis and possible treatments, brainstorming treatment
options and pros and cons of those treatments, etc.
hours per day, 7 days per week. Student is housed with an associate
veterinarian and will be allowed to go on any emergency calls at night
or the weekend and will assist a veterinarian during the day. Student
will be the only student at the practice during this time so there is
sufficient access to practicing veterinarians for guidance, assistance
and answering questions.
Farm Animal Veterinary Service
1405 N. State St.

Marengo, IL 60152
William Morrissey, DVM
Updated: 01/17/12
Marengo, IL
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