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Farm and Pet Veterinary Care

Mixed Practice experience: SA, Dairy, Equine, Beef, Small ruminant, Exotic, Swine, some birds and pocket pets
a mixed practice. Most days are different from the day before. There
are regularly scheduled visits to the dairy farms I call on. There will
be days in the clinic doing small animal work (surgery, medicine, diagnostics). Equine might be a mixed bag of vacs, lameness,
lacerations, colic. Doctor to client communication is a major emphasis.
Referrals are made as a case dicates.
a staff which has been there for more then 20 years (3 individuals),
Radiograph equipment, Laboratory, kennel, farm truck with Bowie unit,
surgery room and what's needed; companion Laser.
Access to the internet. Full veterinary library. 36 years of veterinary experience to share, an educated helpful staff.
like you want to be here. Ask questions. Do assigned tasks in a
professional and responsible manner. Be ready to learn something. Be
able to think outside the box. Remember: This is not the university. We
might do things a little different here. Ask more questions. Share
what you know.
mostly. It's a solo practice. Regular hours are from 9 to 5. Emergencies
are as they come. It could be a 40 hr week. It could be waaaayyyyyy
longer. Sometimes we've had students stay with us; then vet to student
contact/interaction could be much greater.
Farm and Pet Veterinary Care
1240 S M-65

Whittemore, Mi

(989) 756 5111
(989) 756 4030
Dr. Tom Dombroski
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Updated: 05/21/12
Whittemore, MI
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