Mixed Animal Elective

If you are interested, during your 4th year off-site elective experience, we provide a list of The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine's previously approved locations.

If you choose not to work at any of the pre-approved sites, please find your own elective location and submit a request for approval through The College of Veterinary Medicine.

Northwood, OH

Description Mixed practice, predominantly small animal and equine: outpatient, surgery, farm calls, management.

Madisonville, TX

Type of Experience:  Mixed Animal  Practice Name:  Easterling Veterianry Services  Description Experience:  

Whittemore, MI

Type of Experience: Mixed Practice experience: SA, Dairy, Equine, Beef, Small ruminant, Exotic, Swine, some birds and pocket pets

Millersport, OH

Description Student will leave with a good working knowledge of nutrition, people skills, chute work, palpation and sick animals. We also work closely with ODA and the Ohio State Fair and local fair boards. Details Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available There are five veterinarians in the practice. Four trucks leave daily for planned and emergency large animal work.

Flemingsburg, KY

Type of Experience: Mixed Practice - food animal/companion animal

Fort Sill, OK

Type of Experience: Small Animal Medicine and Surgery, Equine medicine, some exotic wildlife medicine

Thurman, OH

Type of Experience: Mixed animal practice

Fredericktown, OH

Description Mixed animal practice; primary species served: dogs, cats, cows and horses. Student will assist one of three mixed animal practitioners. Doctors realize student is a 4th year student and will give student every opportunity to participate/perform. Details Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available 3 mixed animal practitioners

Statesboro, GA

Type of Experience: Fast-paced and very busy Mixed animal hospital - opened Statesboro, GA in 2002. Sister hospital opened in 2007 (about 8 miles away). Wellness exams, daily 10 + surgery schedule, boarding, grooming, bathing, daycare, home visits, breeder and farmer resources.

Glenwood Springs, CO

Description Experience: This is a veterinary externship in private practice. Students are paired with veterinarians, and share with them the management of both elective and emergency cases.

Green Camp, OH

Description Mixed practice: 63% small animal 37% large animal Details Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available One associate veterinarian Educational Resources Journals Books Internet Responsibilities Assist doctor with appointments and surgeries. Student Supervision All day at clinic, average 9 hours. Housing No 

Marietta, OH

Type of Experience: Private mixed practice

122 Atwoodville Rd Mansfield Center, CT 06250

Type of Experience: Mixed Practice Name:         Green Valley Veterinary Services, LLC Description Experience:    I have been in mixed animal rural practice for 21 years.  I have owned my own business since 2008.  My niche is pet and hobby livestock.  I treat almost all species, and do home euthanasia for dogs and cats.  Over my years I have hosted dozens of students, both graduate and undergraduate level.

Saegertown, PA

Description We are a large (8 doctor) and rapidly growing mixed animal practice serving the bovine (dairy), equine and companion animal markets in Northwest Pennsylvania and Northeastern Ohio. Our new 7200 square foot hospital is equipped with up-to-date technology included large and small animal stationary and portable ultrasound and radiology, in-house lab (CBC, Blood Chemistry), endoscope, tonopen, EKG.

Greenville, PA

Type of Experience: 4 doctor mixed animal practice in NW PA. Large animal portion is primarily dairy and equine. Student will participate in large animal calls, small animal surgery, and small animal outpatient appointments.

Liberty, IN

Type of Experience: Mixed Animal Description Experience: <

Appleton City, MO

Type of Experience: Our clinic is 50% Beef Cattle (Primarily cow/calf), 40% Small animal medicine/surgery, 10% Variety of other species. Our clinic has 3 full time veterinarians in rural, west-central Missouri.

Foley, AL

Description Experience: Work in veterinary private practice; see clients/pets; treat various conditions/illnesses; perform spays and neuters; work with local shelter

Delton, MI

Type of Experience: Mixed animal solo practitioner practice in a rural setting with an experience of real life day to day general practice. Animals routinely treated in this practice include dogs, cats, horses, llamas, alpacas and occasionally sheep and goats.

1440 North High Street HILLSBORO OHIO 45133

Type of Experience:  Mixed   Practice Name:    HIGHLAND COUNTY VETERINARY HOSPITAL     

Gainesville, TX

Description 3 doctor veterinary practice. Student will be able to participate in all treatments / surgeries at some level with direct supervision. High quality small animal/exotic medicine and surgery with excellent patient care. A congenial work environment with all the tools needed for treatment and diagnostics. Equine opportunities in reproduction health, embryo transfer, lameness, soft tissue surgery & internal medicine. Nearby equine/small animal orthopedic clinic can provide orthopedic surgery experience.

Karachi, Patkistan

Type of Experience: General mixed animal practice

Oakland, ME

Type of Experience: Private practice mixed animal with emphasis on companion animal and dairy.

Logan, OH

Description 32 years of mixed animal practice. Surgeries are primarily performed in the mornings, a few appointments are seen late morning, farm calls typically occur right after lunch, and the rest of the afternoon is spent on small animal appointments. Details Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available Dr. Stevelt is sole practitioner in general practice.

Kittanning, PA

Type of Experience: Mixed Animal Description Experience:

Lisbon, OH

Type of Experience: County Fair Vet experience: Experience being the fair vet at the largest county fair in Ohio. This elective experience has to be the two weeks preceding Labor Day each year. Mixed animal, primarily large animal.

Lisbon, OH

Type of Experience: Working alongside six veterinarians in a mixed clinical practice.

Ballston Spa, NY

Description Sole practitioner in mixed animal practice (65% small animal, 25% equine, 10% ruminant/camelid/cervid). Student will observe (and assist when possible) large and small animal medicine and surgery in office appointments and on farm/house calls. There will be as much hands on as situations allow. Details Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available Teddy Smith, DVM Educational Resources large and small animal library internet access

Polk, OH

Description Mixed animal practice. Small animal appointments/surgery. Large Animal (bovine/equine) reproduction and herd health.

Marcus, IA

Type of Experience: This will be a 2 week elective rotation in our mixed animal practice, which is primarily a beef and swine intensive practice.

Maria Stein, OH

Type of Experience: 6 doctor, 3 clinic Mixed Practice 60% Dairy, 10% Swine, 30% pets. Dairy clients range from 15 to 5000 cows. Sudents actively (You will Palpate & do Surgery) in herd health visits, sick cow work, export heifer processing, dystocia, and consultation visits.

Somerset, OH

Description This practice has five veterinarians and we are in a rural community. We do mixed animals with volunteering for spay, neuter clinics. Details Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available not available Educational Resources not available Responsibilities Client communications, physical exams, spays, neuters but mostly depends on comfort of student.

Mayville, WI

Description This is a primarily dairy area encompassing 75% of our business. We are a progressive mixed animal practice with all of the bells and whistles. Your experience here would allow you to master both palpation and individual cow medicine. For those with an interest, we also have 3 equine practitioners and 4 small animal practitioners.

Loris, SC

Type of Experience: Mixed animal veterinary medicine externship Descr

Pomeroy, OH

Type of Experience: Mixed animal practice that does many elective and soft tissue surgeries as well as wellness exams and treatment of sick animals.

Potter Valley, CA

Type of Experience: Large Animal (predominantly equine) solo rural practice, with a very varied client base.

Orland, CA

Type of Experience: Mixed animal general practice.  Students usually select practice for food-animal experience. Half of our income is from cattle.

Cortland, NY

Type of Experience: Mixed animal practice: 60% Dairy/20% Equine/20%SA. 40,000 mature dairy cows in practice.

Millersburg, IN

Description Small animal, food animal,  equine & equine reproduction. There is a large amount of Amish small farms and small dairys. Two doctor practice.

Stockton, NJ

Type of Experience: Medicine,Surgery (Soft Tissue and Orthopedics) Mixed practice (Large animal, small animal and exotics) Practice management

Montrose, CO

Type of Experience: Mixed animal practice; Practice both medical and surgical skills, patient care, ambulatory work including colic work-ups, dairy herd health, beef cattle herd health, acupuncture

McConnelsville, OH

Type of Experience:  Mixed Animal  Practice Name:   Morgan Veterinary Services, Inc.    Description Experience:  Small animal: Assist with routine surgeries, injections, vaccinations, radiography, and general medicine.Equine: Radiology, lameness exams, pre-purchase exams, castration and general medicine. Institutional Resources:  

Mount Vernon, OH

Type of Experience: Mixed Animal Practice - Small Animal/Equine/Food Animal

Shippensburg, PA

Description Extern will gain experience in a true mixed animal practice. The practice takes care of anything from ferrets to draft horses. The extern will be able to get a taste of being a veterinarian in a small rural practice in south central Pennsylvania. More specific information can be obtained by emailing Dr. Lartz. Details Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available Information not available Educational Resources Information not available

Muleshoe, TX

Type of Experience: Mixed animal; food animal-predominantly dairy practice

Zanesville, OH

Description Mixed animal practice: small animal medicine and surgery; large animal medicine and surgery Details Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available Not available Educational Resources full library internet access Responsibilities Participate in all aspects of practice Student Supervision 6 days per week, 8 hours/day Housing No

Window Rock, AZ

Type of Experience: Mixed animal practice with that being cattle, horse, sheep and canine work. Assist with field herd health vaccinations in large animals. Assist with elective surgeries on small animals.

Wilmington, PA

Type of Experience: Mixed Animal Practice Name: New Wilmington Veterinary Service

Granada, Nicaragua

Type of Experience: Mixed Animal Description Experience:

Springfield, OH

Type of Experience: I own a mixed animal practice (85% companion) in Springfield Ohio that I started in 1982. I will provide the student with the opportunity to be involved in clinics, surgery, radiography, and farm visits.