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Dr. Shelton's Veterinary Clinic


Very busy mixed animal practice with nine practicing veterinarians. This experience will allow students to gain hands on experience with a variety of species. While having the opportunity to see a large volume of cases, travel to farms, and work on client communication skills.


Associate Veterinarians and special expertise available

Not available

Educational Resources

We regularly use VIN, as well as having a variety of Journals and Books available in our clinic.


Be prepared to discuss both small animal and large animal cases as they are prsented. Opportunity for willing students to assist in sugery and medical techniques.

Student Supervision

Clinic hours from 8am to 6 pm. Emergency after hours calls are also available for eager students.



Practice Information

Dr. Shelton's Veterinary Clinic
4865 SR 207
Elkton, FL 32033

Ph: 904-610-8605
Fax: 904-824-1096


Updated: 1/26/10
Signature On File: Erin Emmans, DVM

Elkton, FL
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