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Department of Defense Joint Pathology Center

Diagnostic pathology
in diagnostic anatomic pathology from a variety of species from around
the world. Student will participate in histopath tumor rounds, gross
rounds, systemic pathology classes, general pathology classes, and
self-directed case studies.
This is a veterinary pathology residency training program, with 7 board certified anatomic pathologists on staff.
collections of glass slides, gross pathology images, textbooks, journal
collections, electronic veterinary pathology resources.
will attend didactic courses in systemic pathology, general pathology,
and clinical pathology; participate in gross and histopathology rounds;
participate in Wednesday slide conference proceedings; attend necropsy
services at the National Zoo and Maryland State diagnostic lab; complete
assigned casework for diagnostic samples
8 hours per day, 5 days per week access to 7 staff members and 12 residents
Department of Defense Joint Pathology Center
606 Stephen Sitter Avenue

Silver Spring, MD 20910
Major Jeremy J. Bearss
Posted: 12/18/12
Silver Spring, MD
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